سامانه آزمون مجازی دانشگاه آزاد اسلامي بردسير
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The final exams of Bardsir Islamic Azad University will be held online in this system from 18 to 30 January.
Username = Student number ........ Password = National code
 (Incoming students of 1398 and before must add the code 226 of the university before their student number. Example: 226980000000000) (Incoming students of 1399 and 1400 must enter the same 14-digit student number)
Supporters of the Information Technology Center of the Islamic Azad University of Bardsir during the online exams from 8 am to 8 pm, with the numbers 03433523301 and 03433528266 will only answer students' questions about the exams. Therefore, if you encounter any technical problems during the exam, call the mentioned numbers immediately. Calls unrelated to exams will not be answered
Students will receive an exam card after paying the tuition debt, loan installments, and then completing the faculty evaluation. "Save or print the card on your phone or computer to know when the exams are scheduled"
All menus on the site are deactivated for indebted students, and only two menus * Semester Financial Management * and * Welfare Fund * are available. Other menus are activated after the full settlement of the debt and logging out and re-entering the system.
See the instructional video on how to pay the tuition in the instructor system * in the following link
📹 * See the instructional video on how to evaluate professors and receive exam cards in the instructor system * in the following link
📹 * Watch the educational video on how to participate in the virtual end-of-term exams of Bardsir Islamic Azad University * in the following link
Direct link to log in to the tutorial system
Public Relations and Information Technology Center
 Islamic Azad University of Bardsir
* Supporters * 03433523301 and 03433528266
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